About Our Grants

Philosophy for Grants

Please Note: Thanks to our recent Seats and Eats event, the Foundation has $19,000 to distribute among our 19 schools this year, thereby funding each school up to $1000. This year, the Foundation is modifying the grant process. To be eligible to receive the $1000, each school must submit a competitive-level proposal that highlights a purchase that will have an impact in the school on a campus and not simply a classroom level. More information is available on the grant application. Multiple grant applications may be submitted, however, only 1 grant per school will be awarded.

REMEMBER! Transportation and Technology may be considered if they are an integral part of the grant project.


The RREF Board of Directors will continually review the Grant Program, its policies, methods of operation and criteria for funding proposals.

Teacher Grants

The program is open to all classroom teachers, librarians, special education teachers, counselors, and principals employed by the Rio Rancho Public Schools. One grant per teacher will be awarded per year.

grantwinner-279x300Campus Grants

The program is open to all Rio Rancho School District campuses. Each school may submit multiple applications.

Each year, through outstanding community support of Seats ‘n Eats, the Rio Rancho Education Foundation raises thousands of dollars for Rio Rancho Public Schools.

At the beginning of the new school year, grant applications are distributed to schools.

Teachers and administrators work hard to design imaginative and high need projects for funding consideration.

RREF Grant Committee members review the many, many worthy proposals and award money based on several criteria.

Award recipients are required to track progress of awarded projects.

GRANT EXAMPLES:  For reference and guidance, we have provided examples of previous grants here.